Vegetable Platter
Variety of vegetables prepared in a tantilising medium spicy sauce.

Paneer Tikka Masala
Home made cheese cooked with alomonds & coconuts in a mild, creamy sauce.

Vegetable Dansak
Sweet and sour sauce with lentils.

Sabzi Naga
Vegetables cooked with special Bangladeshi chillies in a rich sauce.

Fresh asparagus cooked with garlic in a mild
creamy sauce.

Sabzi Jalfrezi
Hot & spicy dish with vegetables, green pepper, green chillies and tomatoes.

Vegetable Biriyani
Vegetables stir-fried with basmati pilau,
herbs & spices. Served with vegetable curry.

Vegetable Shatkora
A variety of vegetables cooked with Bangladeshi citrus fruit in medium spices.

Vegetable Korma