Chef’s Selection Platter
(Minimum two persons). Highly recommended.

Cooked in garlic, mixed herbs & wine.

Garlic Crabs
Stir-fried with spring onion, garlic,
mushroom & coriander.

In a deliciously mild sauce with herbs & spices.

Marinated delicately with light spices & mint.

Garlic Salmon
Cubed salmon fillets marinated in spices,
garlic & cooked in the clay oven.

King prawn or duck cooked in tamarind sauce,
herbs and a delicious touch of honey.

Jhinga ‘E’ Garlic
King prawn grilled in the clay oven with a
hint of garlic and mint.

King Prawn Butterfly
Whole king prawn marinated in spices & deep
fried with breadcrumbs.

King Prawn Puree
Cooked in a special sauce, served with puree bread.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Choice of spicy chicken, potatoes or chick peas cooked in a tangy chat masala sauce.

Samosa Meat or vegetable

Pitta Paneer Saag
Cheese & spinach wrapped in puree.
  Cinnamon Chauk
Minced fish or chicken breast with spices & herbs, enveloped in a tasty batter.

Jalapeno Delight
Fresh whole jalapenos stuffed with cream
& cheese, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried.

Chicken, lamb or fish stuffed in a light
Bangladeshi pancake.

Murg ‘E’ liver
Sautéed chicken liver, lightly spiced.

Grilled Murgh
Breast of sautéed chicken skewered delicately & flavoured with garlic & nutmeg.

Kebab ‘E’ Roll
Spicy mincemeat wrapped in pastry &
chargrilled in the tandoori.

Sheek Kebab

Tandoori chicken
On the bone spring chicken marinated in herbs & spices. Cooked in the clay oven.

Cinnamon Grill
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab.

Chot Poti
A traditional Bangladeshi snack with chick peas, eggs & potato with tamarind sauce.

Spicy Noodles
Cooked with fresh coriander & egg.

Vegetable pakora
A variety of vegetables mixed with gram flour
& deep fried.

Onion Bhajee