Seafood Platter
An infusion of various seafood in our chef’s speciality stock, in a medium blend of ‘bhuna’ spices & herbs.

Salmon Aspara
Salmon with asparagus in a mild garlic sauce.

Salmon Badami
Salmon fried in chefs own recipe.
Tomato flavoured with nuts.

Chilli Fried Calamari
Fresh squids with pepper, onion, tomatoes,
fresh coriander and garlic.

Sylheti Ayr
Fresh water fish from Bangladesh cooked with satkora (Bengali citrus) prepared in a medium light sauce.

Monk ‘E’ Barsaat
Monkfish cooked with our own hand
ground herbs and spices.

King Prawn Delight
King prawns cooked with butter, ground
almonds & coconut in a creamy sauce.

King Prawn Rawshun
With garlic & ginger accompanied by stir fried green peppers, spring onions, seasoned with coriander.

Chingri Jhol
King prawns cooked in a curry sauce,
delicately flavoured with oriental herbs & spices.

Begun Ada King Prawn
Cooked with aubergines, ginger, garlic & tomatoes