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Lamb E Taqrim
Exotic Bangladeshi lamb dish, on the bone, cooked in chefs unique recipe. Marinated & roasted in the oven with chickpeas. Highly recommended.

Lamb E Naga
Tender lamb with medium spice, tomatoes, garlic, and special Bangladeshi chilli.

Lamb E Kodu
Tender lamb with Bangladeshi green pumpkin cooked in chef's original recipe.

Lamb E Acher
Tender lamb spiced with ginger, coriander,
pickle & herbs.

Hash Adrak
Tender strips of duckling breast in a rich
flavoured gravy with fresh ginger.

Raj Hash
Diced duck with baby potatoes, saturated in a medium spiced gravy. A Bangladeshi delicacy.

Hash Baja
Thinly sliced duck with fried onion,
capsicum & baby corn & beans.

Spring chicken with minced lamb. Garnished with coriander, garlic & zeera.

Mango Delight
Tikka chicken in butter sauce with nuts & mangoes.
Chicken or lamb cooked with Bangladeshi
citrus fruit in a medium sauce.

Chicken or lamb slices immersed in a thin
mild buttery sauce & garnished with nuts.
With red wine.

Chicken or Lamb Pasanda
With almonds, sultanas, cashew nuts, coconut in a savoury cream & Malibu. Delightfully mild & sweet.

Chicken or lamb lightly spiced with fresh fruit. Speciality dish.

Kata Adha
Chicken or lamb with fresh ginger
in a thick sauce.

Chicken or lamb cooked with mushrooms
& garnished with coriander.

Green delight
Chicken or lamb with peas, spinach, okra, green herbs, crushed garlic, ginger & a touch of mint.

Goan Salun
Chicken or lamb with garlic, onions, coriander, peppers in mint & tamarind sauce.

Barbecued succulent pieces of chicken or
lamb in a mild creamy sauce with honey.